All’s Fair In Middle School

{November 23, 2006}   B-Day Blogging

Ok, it finally exsists! Ok, for my b-day, my Nonny and Grandpa came over at about 8 O’Clock for the opening of the presents. I had already opened 2 in the morning*, and 3 right before they came over.** When they got here, they brought another present with them. (By this time I was jumping up and down) I opened the last three***, and proclaimed it “the perfect birthday”, but it would’ve been better if all my family was there!!! (I don’t blame you, its hard to come down two days before Thanksgiving!) The next day, I got two more, which I also loved!****Thank you to everyone for my great birthday presents! (And even if I haven’t gotten them yet, I’m sure there great, you guys are great at that stuff!)
*A GORGEOUS Middsummers Light Lamp from Katya, Bongo, and Zeke, and a Sims 2 Open For Business from Ian.
** THE END, last book of A Series Of Unfortunete Events, A Warriers book (I already had it, but we’re trading it in), and an add on to THE END, THE BEATRICE LETTTERS! All from Mom and Dad
***An American Girl Doll, Emily,Mom and Dad, her accesories,Grandpa and Nonny, and A BIG GREEN EXERCISE BALL!!!! Grandpa and Nonny!
**** A gorgeous peice of pink silk, and a pink picture frame from Diane Bennage,(My friend from a buddist monestary), and WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, THE NEW ONE, on DVD from Dan Sweeney!


{November 21, 2006}   Hello world. Now entertain me.

EEEEEE! First post ever! YAY! Well anyway, proboly, your either my family, or my friends, but if I DON’T know you, hello. Anyway, as you can tell by the title, I love the comic “Zits”. It’s one of my favorites! I joined because one of my favorite cousins, Zeke, has a blog, and he showed me how to do this. THANK YOU ZEKE!!!

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