All’s Fair In Middle School

{November 21, 2006}   Hello world. Now entertain me.

EEEEEE! First post ever! YAY! Well anyway, proboly, your either my family, or my friends, but if I DON’T know you, hello. Anyway, as you can tell by the title, I love the comic “Zits”. It’s one of my favorites! I joined because one of my favorite cousins, Zeke, has a blog, and he showed me how to do this. THANK YOU ZEKE!!!


Zeke says:

Great, Kate!! I look forward to reading whatever it is you feel like writing 🙂

You can delete comments (or even your own posts) in the “manage” tab of your admin console.

And as for the subdomain thing… You’re on a free host that is very nice and doesn’t bombard your page with tons of ads like most free sites do. My site,, is on a server that I pay for. You’re getting basically the same thing for free, but you have to keep the part. Most people don’t mind it.

Pretty Aunt Sarah says:

WAHOO! This is very cool Kate. I love your blog name and your first post title. And for it to begin on your birthday is fabulous. I’m adding it to my regular bookmarks immediately. Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

Crrrazy Uncle Dan (Ssss) says:

Cool Kate! Can’t wait to see what you write about. Can you post pictures, backgrounds, music? Happy B-day, BTW! A lil’ ol’ gift is already on it’s way!

Katya says:

Nice site, Kate!!!! This is awesome and I look forward to reading it regularly. How was your birthday? Did you celebrate?
Have fun at Thanksgiving and send our love to everyone there!

Good stuff Kate!
can’t wait to see more blogging!


katiebeth says:

Hi everybody! Yes, I had a terrific B-Day (see B-Day Blogging) and Uncle Dan I LOVE my movie! Thank you everybody for commenting!!!! (Love the names!)

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