All’s Fair In Middle School

{March 24, 2007}   HAPPINESS

have you ever thought about what happiness actually is? What if happiness is just us being injected with a weird thing that creates that feeling, and then we get our memory erased!!! Or, what if we are actually dolls in a giant dollhouse that a Giant plays with, and we actually have no free will at all?

For those of you who are saying

You should! Shame on you! I mean, here we are, playthings for a child giant, and your wasting time making bad comments on my blog when you should be screaming and running in circles. By the way, ‘Bob the Tomato’ and I had an interesting conversation about insults today. She made a good point. Quote “People don’t seem to get that insults are just *gasp gasp* words. Words *gasp gasp* can’t hurt you!” Quote. Hmm, interesting statement for a tomato to make, huh? And Bob, if your mad at me…
Quote Of The Day (In glitter text!)


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